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Company Profile

A division of MBK Enterprises, Inc.

MBK Tape Solutions is a global leader in the tape converting industry.  For over 45 years, MBK has helped customers find and manufacture the highest quality pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and related products. Using state-of-the-art converting equipment, MBK converts jumbo rolls and sheets of adhesive tapes, films, foams, foils, cloth and other flexible materials into any size, shape or configuration required. Our converting capabilities include die cutting parts on rolls, sheets or into individual pieces, specialty slitting and rewinding rolls to any length and size, multi-layer laminating, custom printing, sheeting flexible materials, traverse winding and spooling, tabbing, kitting and endless other services. From custom design to production to packaging, our experienced and knowledgeable team will be there for you every step of the way!

What is Converting

Converted flexible materials and adhesive tape products are used for a variety of applications in almost all industries. By converting jumbo rolls of tape or other flexible materials into a specific size roll, die cut shape or component part, the converted product can be used for many purposes, each aimed at improving performance and efficiency while reducing product costs.

Historically, pressure sensitive tapes were used for attaching items. With advances in research and development, tapes are now used for, but not limited to, heavy-duty bonding, EMI/RFI conducting and shielding, thermal management and medical skin attachment. Specific examples include mounting circuit boards, sealing solar panels, glazing windows, protecting touch screens, insulating lithium batteries, cooling LED lights and hundreds of other applications. Today, tape components are used when manufacturing end products, such as medical and wearable devices.

Converting tapes requires special machinery and know-how. Being in business for over 45 years, the MBK team has the experience, expertise and converting capabilities to offer tailored solutions for your application. In addition, our partnerships with adhesive tape manufacturers helps lower your material costs, reduces waste, saves processing time and enhancing the value of your product. Call us today for advice and solutions for your specific converting needs.

Why Choose MBK Tape Solutions

We want to be your partner, and to do this, we need to earn your trust. MBK Tape Solutions has earned a stellar reputation for quality products, excellent customer service, innovative cost-effective solutions and integrity. We are certified with a quality management certification ISO 9001:2015 which shows our dedication to stick to our word while seeking areas for improvement. Other reasons to consider MBK Tape Solutions include:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals.
  • Consistent and reliable products that meet or exceed your requirements.
  • Quick response, quick turn-around on orders and on-time delivery.
  • Lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers.
  • We love a challenge!

Our Goals & Core Values

MBK Tape Solutions strives to be the best at what we know best - tape converting!  Our mission is to engineer innovative tape solutions for our customers success while ensuring the safety and well being of our employees.

Our mission statement and business practices are based on these factors:

  • Develop strategic relationships with our customers and vendors, that are mutually beneficial for all parties.
  • Deliver the best converted tape products available to our customers worldwide, fulfilling whatever material or application their need may be.
  • Be honest in all our business dealings.
  • Provide a safe, clean, healthy and fun working atmosphere for our employees, benefiting our community and environment.


As we grow as a company, it has become important to define the core values from which we develop our brand, culture, and business strategies.  By showing respect to all, collaborating with others, and demonstrating integrity and excellence, we hope to earn the trust from our customers, vendors, and employees.  View our Mission & Values Presentation.

Our History

In 1971, John Kaminski had the vision to see the ever expanding need for converted tape products. He brought his experience as a chemist and a background in pressure sensitive tapes at Mystic Tape to develop fabricated parts for his first customers. With his adored wife, Marcella Kaminski, they built the MBK converting tape business.

Beginning with a worktable in the family garage and the "Little Joe" machine, they cut shrink tubing to length, primarily for the aerospace and electronic industries.  Seeing the need for tape component parts for end products, he purchased and renovated used machines and moved to a 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Chatsworth, California.

His son and daughter, Jeffrey and Judith, began learning the trade on weekends and school holidays. As the business grew little by little the ideas of the endless possibilities for tape uses rocketed. Judith went to work full-time in 1978 after graduating from California State University Northridge, and Jeffrey went to work for 3M upon his graduation from San Diego State University. The Kaminski family had learned at an early age that tape was indispensable.

In the late fall of 1979, John Kaminski suddenly became ill and passed away. Jeffrey, Judith and Marcella made plans for keeping MBK an on-going enterprise. Jeffrey resigned from 3M, and the three of them began to learn everything they could about converting. In 1980, MBK Enterprises incorporated and a year later, Marcella retired from her role as bookkeeper.

Since 1971, MBK has grown and moved to larger facilities four times, remaining in Chatsworth, California. Over the years, MBK has acquired many partnerships with other converters as well as suppliers. With the rapid rise of the Internet, they changed the name from MBK Enterprises, Inc. to MBK Tape Solutions to better reflect their tape business.

Today, the customer base has changed greatly from 40 years ago. More and more is being accomplished in the fields of medical devices and information technology, not to mention every niche in between. The company has invested extensively in state-of -the-art converting equipment, as well as the training of its employees in the workplace. The only limitations are imagination, but this company has plenty of that.



Awards, Certifications & Partnerships

We are pleased to announce the many awards and certificates that MBK Tape Solutions has received in the industry. Being converter partners with 3M, Avery Dennison Corporation, Rogers Corporation and Scapa, provides MBK expertise and access to a diverse product range. In turn, MBK brings these advantages to our customers and delivers innovative solutions.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm

ISO 9001:2015 Award

Simply stated; 9001:2015 asks you to say what you do, put it into a quality manual, do what you say, be sure it works and continually strive to make improvements. Controls are placed on all material from the time it enters our warehouse until we ship it back to you or drop ship it to your customers. Regular, careful inspections guarantee your specifications are met.

3M Platinum Preferred Converter

3M Platinum Preferred Converter

As an authorized 3M Preferred Converter and Distributor, MBK Tape Solutions specializes in 3M pressure sensitive adhesive tape products, die cutting, slitting andl lamination services. Being at the 3M Platinum Preferred level, the highest level attainable for a preferred converter, we have established a mutually beneficial business alliance with 3M to leverage our collective strength, technology and process capabilities for the end user, resulting in sustaining profitable growth.

3M Health Care Award

3M Medical Specialties Preferred Converter

MBK Tape Solutions is recognized and honored to be a part of the 3M Medical Materials & Technologies, Preferred Customer Program. As a 3M medical converter, MBK is committed to providing custom solutions for the health care industry. We convert a wide range of tapes including hypoallergenic medical tapes, films, woven and non-woven fabrics, foams and other flexible materials for medical devices, equipment and skin contact applications. MBK is registered with FDA and offers clean room facilities.

3M Renewable Energy Partnership

3M Renewable Energy Partnership

In an effort to help reduce the world's carbon output and develop new business in the process, 3M Company created the "Renewable Energy Division." Because of MBK's experience and market savvy in renewable energy products, 3M has asked MBK to partner with them to develop new business in this field.

Medical Device Registered Company

FDA Registered Company

MBK Tape Solutions is FDA Registered as a contract or component manufacturer, FDA 21 CFR 807.65(a) which allows exemption from registration. However, MBK does buy materials from manufacturers who are FDA registered or compliant, and supplies components of devices to device manufacturers. Certifications are available upon request.

Adhesives Research Preferred Converter

Adhesives Research Preferred Converter

Adhesives Research supplies high-performance specialty films, tapes, and components to the medical and pharmaceutical markets. MBK partnered with Adhesives Research's Medical Division to expand our breath of product offerings. Adhesives Research's Preferred Converter Program allows for greater collaboration when it comes to developing new pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for the medical device and wearable markets.

Avery Advantage Converter

Avery Advantage Converter

The Specialty Tape Division of Avery Dennison is a world-class operation that specializes in the production of high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives in the labeling, graphics, display and packaging marketplaces. Since 1969, Avery has been offering flexible and innovative solutions paired with personalized and responsive customer support which is why we are pleased that Avery Dennison has appointed MBK to be one of their Advantage Converters.

Vancive Medical Technologies Converter

Vancive Medical Technologies Converter

Vancive Medical Technologies, previously Avery Dennison Medical Solutions, develops skin friendly adhesive technologies in partnership with healthcare market leaders around the world. MBK Tape Solutions was chosen by Avery for our unique converting capabilities and expertise to deliver innovative customer solutions.

Rogers Corporation Converter Partner

Rogers Corporation Converter Partner

Rogers Corporation supplies exceptional High Performance Poron® Foams and Bisco® Silicone Materials to a wide range of industries. As a converter partner, MBK Tape Solutions provides design expertise and fabrication. Together, we develop new solutions for customers around the globe.

Scapa Select Tape Converter

Scapa Select Tape Converter

MBK Tape Solutions was selected by Scapa as one of four Select Converters in North America. This allows MBK to bring our customers Scapa's High Performance Tape Products in their most productive and economical formats for end users.

Tesa logo

tesa Tape Converter

MBK Tape Solutions is one of the few select converters working in tesa's Unique Partner Program, U.P.P. Having access to Tesa's expansive adhesive tape portfolio and expert application engineers, MBK can provide advanced adhesive tape solutions and products to our customers in almost every industry.

Payment & Credit Card Forms

MBK is proud to accept most major credit cards. Download credit applications, credit card order forms, and more by using the Acrobat Reader at no charge. Please contact MBK customer service for International and domestic ACH and wire transfer instructions. Thank you for your business.

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