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MBK Tape Solutions, a Contract Manager (CM), fabricates adhesive tapes and flexible materials into component parts and finished goods for medical device companies, electronic manufacturers and other industries around the world.  In other words, manufacturers hire MBK to help produce their products.  Our experienced team of application engineers and customer support helps manage the process from design and development, to prototyping to full production. Not only do we help cut manufacturing costs, our design expertise assures innovative quality products.  




Benefits of Using a Contract Manufacturer 

The top reason to outsource or use a contract manufacturer is the reduction of costs and expenditure on the part of the company.  Whether you are starting a new company or a company lacking manufacturing resources, outsourcing saves operational and maintenance costs on machines and equipment plus labor costs.

There are other reasons to use contract manufacturers besides cost savings.

  • By working with a contract manufacturer, you have the luxury of being able to scale production to meet the market demand of your product. 
  • Relying on contract manufacturers to work with suppliers, helps save time, stress and resources.
  • Being experts in their specialized field, ensures the component part will be top quality, which in turn, secures a favorable impression of your product and brand. 

Why Use MBK Tape Solutions 

MBK adds value to your product.  With our 50 years of experience in the adhesive converting industry, we offer innovative solutions and advanced technolgy in the manufacturing process.  Our engineers ask the important questions upfront to ensure a smooth manufacturing process for all involved.  With access to tape suppliers throughout the world, we can find you the best tape product on the market for your application.  Being part of the value stream in the development of the component, we help keep assembly costs down, while increasing productivity at all levels.  


At our facility, we offer multi-layer laminating, die-cutting, slitting, printing and other converting services, plus cleanroom manufacturing and packaging. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can handle almost any job, no matter the complexity or volume.  We have a large warehouse and can coordinate shipments with you and your customers.


Medical Device Contract Manufacturing  

MBK Tape Solutions specializes in manufacturing adhesive-backed component parts and finished products for medical devices and wearables.  We work with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of medical devices and the Upstream Assembler (Final Contract Manufacturer) to design and manufacture component parts to be user friendly for the assembler, as well as, the end user, clinician or consumer.   

At our facility, we provide ISO 8 cleanroom manufacturing and packaging that is essential for Class I and Class II medical devices.  By controlling the environment and wearing specialized clothing, cleanrooms ensure that the medical devices are free of contaminates.     

Throughout our 50 year history, we have gained the knowledge to design and manufacture adhesive backed products that truly make MBK a premier Contract Manufacturer.

Case Study

MBK has grown in the Medical Wearables market place as the go-to Contract Manufacturers for designing and developing stick-to-skin patches for the multitude of wearable devices. As a Contract Manufacturer, we helped design and manufactured adhesive patch component parts to be user friendly for the upstream Contract Manufacturer and the end-use consumer or clinician. In this instance, we designed special fold-overs on the liner so it could be easily applied by nurses or doctors in the operating room.


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