Discover tesa ACXplus High Performance Bonding Tapes

No more screws and rivets – Discover tesa ACXplus High Performance Bonding Tapes

Tesa® ACXplus Bonding Acrylic Foam Tape series outperforms traditional fastening methods and is characterized by its strong bonding power. Due to the viscoelasticity behavior, the acrylic adhesive system bonds dissimilar materials and the foam thickness adjusts to rough and uneven surfaces. The special curing chemistry forms an outstanding temperature resistance structure, resulting in excellent resistance to temperature, weather, UV and chemical influence.

The ACXplus products are available in black, gray, white or ultra transparent. They differ in adhesion strength, the 706x series is excellent for low surface energy substrates such as plastics and powder coated materials, while the 709x series bonds to LSE substrates without a promoter. The 707x family offers the highest long-term resistance against extreme temperatures including an outstanding shock resistance down to -40F in cold environments.

These high performance double-sided acrylic foam tapes offer life-long durability and are great for mounting, assembling and sealing in demanding applications, often used in the building, appliances and transportation industries. Examples include mounting side moldings, decorative trims, emblems and other exterior attachment parts.

MBK Tape Solutions partners with tesa and provides custom sizes, shapes and configurations to meet your application specifications. For more information on our converting capabilities, a sample or quote, visit the MBK website, email or call our sales representatives at 818-998-1477.

Watch this video to learn more about ACXplus series.

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