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Double Sided Tape & Differential Adhesive Tapes

Double-Sided Tapes are created when an adhesive is coated onto both sides of a carrier material. The carrier is typically a polymeric film, foam, paper, cloth or foil, coated with an acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive. The adhesive can be the same on both sides or each side of the carrier can have different adhesive and coating thicknesses, refered to as a Differential Adhesive Tape

The adhesive is protected by a peel-away release liner that can be removed at the time of the application or left in place until the joining surfaces are ready to be attached.  Release liners consist of papers or films that are commonly coated on both sides with a silicone release agent.

Double coated tapes can be applied by hand or with a manual or automatic dispenser.  Applications for double coated tapes are numerous, including construction, fabrication, crafts, and much more.

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3M Double sided

Double Coated Tapes (56)
Double-Sided Tape, also known as Double-Coated Tape or Double-Faced Tape is a pressure-sensitive tape consisting of film, foam, paper, cloth or a foil carrier, with an acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive coated on both sides in any combination. Double coated tapes can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces and are used in many applications such as bonding, holding, mounting, splicing, packaging and medical applications.

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Differential Adhesive Tapes - Reclosable / Repositional

Differential Adhesive Tapes - Reclosable / Repositional (9)
Double Coated / Differential Adhesive Tapes have a different adhesive on each side of the carrier, some for clean removal applications, and others for bonding to incompatible surfaces. Permanent/Removable adhesives are often used on glass for it removes without leaving residue. Acrylic/Rubber, Acrylic/Acrylic and Acrylic/Silicone adhesives are used for a wide variety of very demanding applications.

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