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Featured Converter Partner: Tesa Tape

Tesa Tape

Tesa Tape, one of the world's leading manufacturers of pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions for both industrial and consumer products, recognized MBK Tape Solutions as a strong and proficient business partner. 

Benefits: As a Premier Channel Tesa Partner, MBK has access to the highest level of Tesa products and services. Together we provide expert advice, innovative solutions and quality adhesive backed products. Call MBK for all your tape converting needs.

Tesa Products

Tesa tape offers an expansive product portfolio.  MBK stocks a variety of tesa products, including industrial films, foams, single and double coated tapes, all ready for production; converting your design to reality.  If you do not see an item listed in the MBK catalog, please do not hesitate to inquire.


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Tesa / MBK Partnership Video

Together, Tesa Tape and MBK offers cost effective solutions and quality adhesive tapes used for industrial applications. In this video, Tesa Tape supplies #4965 Double Coated Polyester Tape and MBK provides converting services to meet the application requirements for industries, such as displays, automotive, furniture and VR headset box.

Featured Tesa Products

Tesa ACX plus Series Constructive Permanent Bonding Tape

Tesa® High Performance Masking Tape 4334 - Tesa's line of masking tapes are suitable for many general purpose applications, improving efficiency and overall production quality.  tesa® 4334 is the perfect solution when crisp lines and clean removability are needed.  MBK will slit custom size rolls upon request.


Tesa ACX plus Series Constructive Permanent Bonding Tape

Tesa® ACX plus Series - Tesa's new double sided constructive permanent bonding tapes adheres to materials with different surface characteristics and offers high resistance to temperature and different weather conditions. These bonding tapes are available in different thickness.

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