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Learn about new products and applications introduced into the marketplace. Since MBK Tape Solutions partners with major tape manufacturers, we are kept abreast of new materials as they are developed. These featured products showcase applications or benefits that can serve as alternatives to products used today. By staying informed, we can work together to find appropriate and practical solutions that best meets your application requirements. To order, call MBK at 818-998-1477 or complete the RFQ Request Form.

October 2020

Protective Face Shield

    Antimicrobial Protective Films for High Touch Surfaces

    During this highly contagious pandemic, safety protocols require frequent cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance of high-touch surfaces. 3M offers new durable protective films which feature an optically clear hardcoat layer containing an antimicrobial agent. This protective film is available with permanent or removable adhesive, making it ideal for protecting surfaces from chemicals during regular cleaning in both long term and short term applications.

    3M 7750AM – Permanent / Semi-Permanent 

    3M 7760AM – Removable

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June 2020

Protective Face Shield

    Stay Safe Tape Products

    MBK Tape Solutions offers a variety of stay safe tape solutions to protect from the Coronavirus from fully assembled PPE face shields to tapes for marking safe distances, protecting floors, mounting of signs, sealing contaminated containers and more. We have tapes, protective films, double coated foams and reclosable fasteners in stock or readily available to die cut, slit or print according to your specifications.  Suggested materials are listed in the MBK Stay Safe Tape Products Brochure.

    Stay Safe Tape Products

    For more information, email info@mbktape.com or call a sales representative at 818-998-1477.

April 2020

Protective Face Shield

    Protective Face Shields to Fight Covid-19

    MBK Tape Solutions is manufacturing PPE face shields to help fight against the Coronavirus.  We are offering fully assembled face shields, kits or individual component parts.  We initially designed and tested these shields for our employee’s protection, and we are now producing the components for our customers. We can sell as roll goods, die cut parts or a combination in kit form. Face Shield kits include die cut Polyurethane Foam for the brow cushion, Polyester shields and elasticized material for the straps. Depending on availability we can also supply plastic PETG film for the facial shields. Currently, the PETG Film is in short supply, but we continue to find new sources.

    Download the Face Shield Design Flyer showing materials and component specifications used in manufacturing face shields.  

    For more information, call 818-998-1477, email info@mbktape.com or visit www.mbktape.com.

May 2019

Eco-Friendly Planet

Stick-to-Skin Materials for the Cosmetic / Personal Care Market

With the return of adhesive bra and nipple cover business to the USA, MBK has introduced new stick-to-skin materials and advanced converting techniques.  Both our new medical grade silicone tapes and our soft, stretchable polyurethane backed tapes gives the consumer a soft feel on the skin, as well as, provides a sturdy product.  Utlizing gentle acrylic and silicone adhesives with extended liners makes it easy to apply the product and later remove the adhesive with minimal skin trauma.  MBK has the converting know-how to island place non-stick soft nippple pads in the middle of the pasties as well as add company logos to the tape and liners.  MBK is a one stop shop that will help you newly design or improve a stick-to-skin product. 

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May 2018

Eco-Friendly Planet

Silicone PSA Tapes in the Wearable Device Market

While the healthcare wearable industry continues to develop innovative and new technologies, there have also been advances in medical grade silicone adhesives and gels.  There are silicone adhesive options that will stick to the skin from a couple of hours to several days to multiple weeks.  The newest formulations of silicone adhesives provide secure but gentle adhesion to the skin, conform to the contours of the body and can be repositioned and removed with low skin trauma.  MBK Tape Solutions offers silicone adhesives with a variety of coating techniques and configurations.  As a specialty tape converter, MBK has the capability to customize the construction to meet your specific application requirements.

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March 2018

Eco-Friendly Planet

Colored FDA Food Contact Tapes for Easy Identification

MBK Tape Solutions developed several FDA colored direct food contact films and tapes for the Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical and food processing industries.  Colored films help with identification and color-coding, often used for holding, packaging and transporting food and pharmaceuticals.  Our tapes meet FFDC Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requirements for direct contact with food under provisions set forth in 21 CFR Parts, 170-199 and specifically, Section 177.  Call us today at 818-998-1477 to find out how MBK can help you remain compliant in your manufacturing processes.  

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June 2017

Eco-Friendly Planet

PDF CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring Adhesive Wearable Patches 

MBK Tape Solutions provides a one stop shop for stick to skin converted patch systems used on a variety of CGM and other wearable devices, from design and development through large scale production.  Being converting partners with high quality adhesive tape manufacturers such as 3M, Vancive Medical, Adhesive Research, and Mactac, MBK engineers are continually and successfully developing extended wear patches for their OEM customers to properly secure wearable devices to the human body for over seven days.  At our facility in Chatsworth California, the MBK team designs, manufactures and converts these skin friendly wearable patch systems in ISO 8 (class 100K) clean rooms. Contact us today to help you secure your wearable devices!

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June 2016

Medical Device Microfluidic Solutions

PDF MBK Provides Medical Device Microfluidic Solutions

MBK has extensive experience working with medical adhesives & materials, including adhesive technology engineered for low build-up of residue in high volume die cutting operations, materials manufactured to exact thickness specifications and containing low levels of volatiles that ensure compatibility with your chemistry. Other advanced materials include bioassay-compatible tapes, hydrophilic films for fluid transport, porous membranes used for filtration, spacers, seals, electronic assembly tapes, connectors & films. MBK has the expertise and knowledge to help you develop your microfluidic solution - contact us today to take your medical device manufacturing project to the next step.

View Diagnostic Tape Products specially formulated for In-Vitro Diagnostics:

3M 9792R, ,3M 9793R, 3M 9795R and Mactac MD1101

April 2016

Eco-Friendly Planet

PDF MBK Offers "Green" Eco-Friendly Tape Solutions

MBK offers environmentally friendly custom adhesive tape products and specialty tape converting services to a variety of industries including renewable energy, medical, food, automotive and manufacturing that are either made from renewable or recycled raw materials or are recyclable or biodegradable themselves.

Emulsion based, hot melt and UV cured tapes do not omit volatile organic compounds (VOC's). These products do not contain solvents or hydrocarbon which may be harmful to both users and our environment. The pure nature of how these tapes are made helps keep the air cleaner and our planet healthier.

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November 2015

Long-Term Wear Adhesive Tape Products for the Wearable Market

PDF Long-Term Wear Adhesive Tape Products for the Wearable Market

After testing various tape products, MBK has found several adhesive transfers, woven and nonwoven tapes that hold devices securely on the skin for more than seven days and can be removed gently, without causing skin trauma. Knowing what combination of medical grade pressure sensitive adhesives and flexible materials work together, the MBK team will help design and convert the materials to whatever configuration best meets your requirements.

Learn More About Extended Wearable Products:

Berry Plastics 3558B, 3426A, 3546P, 2696P, 3570A

Vancive MED 5750A

January 2015

Stick to Skin Adhesives for Wearable Sensor Devices

PDF Stick to Skin Adhesives for Wearable Sensor Devices

MBK is leading the way in designing and manufacturing adhesive tapes and component parts for use with wearable sensor devices.  These devices are used to diagnose and monitor diseases, fitness and general patient wellness. Body movement, length of wear, and sterilization methods are just a few important factors to consider when selecting the right combination of adhesives and backing material to produce a comfortable and reliable long term skin contact securement system.  Medical grade acrylic, silicone, rubber, hydrocolloid and hydrogel adhesives, including pattern-coat adhesives, ensure biocompatibility, conformability, breathability, absorbency, porosity and durability. MBK will help design an innovative cost-effective solution, and offers die cutting, multi-layer laminating, printing and clean room manufacturing.

NEW PRODUCT - Vancive MED 5750A Medical Single-Coated Nonwoven Tape

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September 2014

FDA Direct Food Contact Tapes

FDA Direct Food Contact Tapes

Recently, MBK developed several direct food contact tape products that comply with FDA safety regulations.  Typically, they are used for manufacturing, processing and packaging foods, dental, pharmaceutical and OTC products. Applications include sealing, sorting, splicing, protecting and tabbing.

These food grade adhesive tapes and films are available with permanent or removable adhesives on a liner or self-wound on paper or plastic cores.  Being a specialty tape converter, MBK can die cut parts, slit rolls and print according to your requirements.

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October 2014

Protective Tapes & Films

Protective Tapes & Films

Protective Tapes and Films protect all types of surfaces against scratching, marring and chipping.  Typically, they are used during manufacturing, processing, storage and transportation in the electronics, appliance, fenestration, automotive, graphics and numerous other industries.

Protective films and tapes usually have a non-staining removable adhesive and come in a variety of thickness and colors.  MBK's capabilities include die-cutting, mulit-layer laminating, perforating, printing and more.

Overstock Sale - Nitto SPV 4057H - Quantities Limited - Call Now!

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November 2013

Packaging Strips / Return Tape

Packaging Strips / Return Tape

Packaging Return Tape is a pre-cut strip of extended-linered carton sealing tape. Use the Packaging Return Tape to reseal packages or for returned products.

Our standard product is a 2" x 24" strip with extended liner, available to ship in 1-2 days. MBK Tape Solutions can make the strips at custom lengths, perforated and with an extended liner. We can print your Logo or a message on the tape, up to 3 colors.

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