How to Prepare Your Workforce for the Coronavirus

How to Prepare Your Workforce for the Coronavirus

From the start of this pandemic, one thing you can be sure of, is that every day will bring new challenges. While keeping tape orders rolling off the presses for the medical and infrastructure industries, we also need to keep our employees safe from Covid-19. We have found that everyone has different views of the pandemic, tolerance levels and understanding of the Coronavirus. Though we all agree it is important to wash hands, sanitize surfaces and keep a physical distance, management makes modifications to the safety and health protocols daily.

First and foremost, anyone who shows any symptoms of illness are told to stay home. We would rather be short staff than take the chance of spreading germs. If an employee has hardships or other legit reasons to stay at home, we will work with each person according to their needs.

Washing hands and sanitizing surfaces seems like a no brainer, but not all employees have these hygiene habits, so we put up reminders in the washrooms, offices and common areas. Though the clean room personnel adhere to strict clothing and sterility requirements, now everyone at MBK has been given a protective face shield to wear throughout the day. (MBK is selling face shield component parts to our customers, so contact MBK if interested.)

Physical distancing seems harder to enforce than personal hygiene. It is only human that we like to be close when talking with others, and often forget to keep our distance. Thus, we put physical reminders in place and spaced co-workers.

  • Signs at all the doors directing mail, packages and visitors.
  • Floors are marked with caution tape to show the 6 foot distance.
  • Office doors are kept open, so as to not touch handles.
  • Office employees that can perform their responsibilities from home are working remotely.
  • Using Microsoft Teams for staff conference calls and zoom for out of office calls.
  • Office personnel have been separated by either moving desks or offices.
  • Production employees work and take breaks at different times throughout the day.
  • Packagers have been separated 6 feet apart and/or spaced in other locations in the facility.

We’re all in this together. For questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call 818-998-1477 or email

Stay safe and healthy.

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