MBK Converted Tape Products – Finished Goods

MBK Tape Solutions specializes in developing and manufacturing custom adhesive tape and flexible products for the industrial and medical markets. 

Converted tape products are used in every aspect of our world. Tapes are used during the manufacturing and packaging of a product and by the consumer for maintenance, repair, and everything in between.  

From simple slits to complex die-cut components, we’ve done it all.  Because we respect our customer’s privacy, we cannot share their products. Examples of generic converted products for the industrial and medical markets are listed below

Health & Personal Care Products

Fashion Tape / Apparel Tapes
Lint Tapes
Face Shields

Industrial Tape Products

Return Tape Strips / Package Sealing Tape Strips
9/2011 MBK Converted Products_Spacers & Shipping Pads - 17
Shipping Pads / Spacers
Bumpon Protective Products
MBK Converted Tapes_Hang Tabs_Packaging - 5
Hang Tabs
Mounting Foam Tape / Display Tapes

Partner with MBK for Innovative Tape Solutions

For over 50 years, MBK has provided tape converting services to a wide variety of industries. We are ISO certified and a 3M Preferred Industrial and Medical Tape Converter. The MBK engineers will source the best adhesives and tapes for your application and design for manufacturing considering performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.  Our converting capabilities include die-cutting, multi-layer laminating, custom slitting, printing, and much more. From prototyping and testing through full-scale production, MBK makes for an ideal partner at every stage of your product cycle.

To learn more about our range of adhesives, tapes, and other flexible materials, feel free to peruse our catalog. To speak with an application specialist, call 818-998-1477 or if you would like a sample or quote, please complete the Request Form.

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