MBK Offers “Green” Eco-Friendly Tape Solutions

MBK Offers “Green” Eco-Friendly Tape Solutions:
Helping Heal Our Planet

April 22, 2016 – Being “green” is nothing new to MBK Tape Solutions – MBK has always been on the forefront of exploring new PSA technology (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives). For many years, MBK has offered environmentally friendly custom adhesive tape products and specialty tape converting services to a variety of industries including renewable energy, medical, food, automotive and manufacturing that are either made from renewable or recycled raw materials or are recyclable or biodegradable themselves.

MBK offers environmentally friendly low VOC, solvent free products. The emulsion based, hot melt and UV cured tapes do not omit volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that typical solvent based tapes have in them during their curing/ drying process. VOC’s are chemicals that can easily evaporate and enter the surrounding air. These products do not contain solvents or hydrocarbon which may be harmful to both users and our environment. The pure nature of how these tapes are made helps keep the air cleaner and our planet healthier. Being proactive, these products are now more than 75% cleaner (lower VOC) than they were in 2000.

“MBK is committed to making a positive impact on our environment. In addition to supplying green products and supporting the renewable energy industry, MBK encourages environmental stewardship. In 2010, MBK Tape decided to reduce its own carbon footprint by installing solar panels on its rooftop,” said Jeff Kaminski, president of MBK Tape Solutions.

By utilizing MBK’s “green” products and solutions, customers can enjoy the short and long term benefits of social responsibility, economic benefits and sustainability. Call MBK to inquire about their eco-friendly tapes and adhesive tape converting services they provide to “green” up your applications today.

About MBK Tape Solutions
Established in 1971, MBK Tape Solutions designs and custom manufactures a wide range of adhesive tapes, foams, films and other flexible materials for component parts, assembly aids and end-user products for all industries, such as renewable energy, electronics, medical and wearable devices, aerospace, fenestration, to name a few. Its full range of services includes adhesive tape converting, die cutting, laminating, slitting, printing, product fulfilment and more. Utilizing the skills and expertise of an in-house staff, MBK Tape Solutions provides costeffective engineered adhesive tape converting solutions and quality adhesive tapes & materials.

For more information; call 818-998-1477, email info@mbktape.com or visit www.mbktape.com

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