MBK Reorganization

MBK Organization Changes

Reflecting on this past year, we’ve made lots of changes to the MBK organization. We reorganized departments, moved personnel, hired machine operators, packagers and several other employees. Many thanks to our managers, supervisors and human resource personnel who worked in overdrive to implement all the changes.

Employee changes include: The production team leaders; Victor on the shop floor and Joser in the cleanroom, schedule orders, set up machines, supervise and train all the new machine operators. Sandro, warehouse manager, oversees inventory control and our new receiving clerk, Joseph. Jesus moved from customer service to lead the night shift and to operate our newest digital driven rotary press. Anna develops new packaging methods, supervises and trains the packagers. The quality department expanded by adding Maria as a quality inspector and recently hired Ofri, an engineer, to join their team. Peter oversees customer service and scheduling, while training Ally who moved from purchasing. Mariet, who came from 3M, assists Courtney with Supply Chain Logistics. Thank you all for being flexible and patient with all the changes.

Thank You to All Our Employees

To the entire MBK team, we thank all our dedicated employees for your hard work and loyalty. It’s been a challenging year and we appreciate all that you’ve done to make this year successful.

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