MBK Tape Solutions Develops Stick To Skin Wearable Patches for CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Women Checking Glucose Level with Medical Sensor and Mobile Phone

June 2017 – MBK Tape Solutions has been a leader in designing, developing, and converting stick to skin wearable patches for over 15 years for use with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) medical devices. Continuous monitoring with the use of a CGM device that is secured to the skin by a medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive tape system provides an effective way to measure glucose levels in real-time throughout the day and night for diabetes management.

A small electrode called a glucose sensor is inserted just below the skin to measure glucose levels in the tissue fluid. The sensor is connected to a transmitter in the device that sends glucose levels via wireless radio frequency to monitoring or handheld display device. Selecting the correct stick-to-skin wearable patch system is critical to the performance of the CGM device in its ability to remain stable and stay securely adhered to the skin for long-term wear while also remaining breathable to properly manage moisture buildup between the skin and the device.

MBK Tape Solutions provides a one-stop shop for stick to skin converted patch systems used on a variety of Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM and other wearable devices, from design and development through large-scale production. Being converting partners with high-quality adhesive tape manufacturers such as 3M, Vancive Medical, Adhesive Research, and Mactac, including many others, MBK engineers are continually and successfully developing extended wear patches for their OEM customers to properly secure wearable devices to the human body for over 7 days. At their headquarters in Chatsworth California, MBK designs and converts these skin-friendly wearable patch systems in their ISO 8 (class 100K) clean rooms.

About MBK Tape Solutions
MBK Tape Solutions, a family-owned company since 1971, custom designs and fabricates a wide range of adhesive tapes, foams, films, and other flexible materials for component parts and end-user products. These products serve a variety of applications in many markets, including medical, electronic, industrial, display, aerospace, renewable energy, construction, entertainment, to name a few. Its full range of services includes adhesive tape converting, die-cutting, laminating, slitting, printing, product fulfillment, and more. Utilizing the skills and expertise of in-house staff, MBK Tape Solutions provides cost-effective engineered adhesive tape converting solutions and quality adhesive tapes and materials.

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