MBK Tape Solutions Implements Lean Manufacturing: Utilizing 5S, Gemba Walk and Kaizen Tools

April 2017 – Over the past year, MBK Tape Solutions implemented Lean Manufacturing practices, with the goal to reduce waste and improve the manufacturing process. What does this mean for their customers? Using lean manufacturing techniques helps deliver higher quality products while reducing costs.

Throughout the Lean Manufacturing process, MBK took the time and steps to organize their work areas throughout the company utilizing the 5S system; Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. After 44 years of growing the business, the 5S exercise proved to be invaluable to all involved with the intense clean out and decluttering of their work areas as well as replacing older processes with new, more efficient ones.

During the month of April, the entire MBK team participated in a Kaizen event, which relied on the collective talents and input of all employees to create continuous improvements. Facilitated by Dennis Grogan, a consultant from Austin-Corp., each employee shared their job functions and challenges. To encourage better communication and productivity, Dennis set up magnetic white boards, aka Gemba Boards, for each department to facilitate new policies and procedures utilizing the Gemba Walk technique.

On the first Gemba Walk, everyone had the opportunity to observe, ask questions and learn from each other. Next, the walk allowed everyone to understand the entire value stream process and the final Gemba Walk insured that standards would be implemented and incremental improvements would be achieved regularly. The entire staff worked tirelessly to develop and implement new processes and eliminate unneeded waste in the MBK manufacturing facility.

After weeks of intense discussions at the Kaizen event, all who participated saw the value of collaborating to build a better manufacturing environment not just for themselves, but for their customers. Jeff Kaminski, President, exclaimed, “This experience was the most exciting, rewarding and motivating exercise the company has done in recent years. Many thanks to Dennis for listening to the staff’s concerns and ideas, and bringing positive energy to the MBK workplace.”

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