MBK Tape Solutions Installs Soliant Energy Rooftop Solar System in Los Angeles

MBK Tape Solutions Installs Soliant Energy Rooftop Solar System in Los Angeles

October 6, 2010 — Soliant Energy, the leader in concentrated photovoltaic solar energy systems for commercial rooftops, announced today, that MBK Tape Solutions, a global leader in fabrication of adhesive tape and flexible materials has installed the Soliant CPV rooftop solar system on its 17,000 square foot headquarters building in Chatsworth in northwest Los Angeles. The system, designed to maximize energy output at the lowest possible cost, generates 10kW of electricity, is grid-connected and now supplies much of the energy consumed by MBK Tape Solutions.

“We’ve been supplying the renewable energy industry with adhesive products for many years and this is one way we can support that industry and demonstrate our own environmental stewardship,” said Jeff Kaminski, president of MBK Tape Solutions. “As we did the ROI analysis with Soliant we realized it made excellent business sense as well.”

“The city of Los Angeles has millions of square feet of unused commercial rooftop space. Our concentrated solar panel solutions are the ideal way to turn those rooftops into energy producing power plants. We believe this is just the beginning in what will be many similar installations across Los Angeles and beyond,” said Dr. Terry Bailey, president and chief executive of Soliant Energy.

Superior Solution for Commercial Rooftops
The Soliant Energy rooftop solar solutions are specifically designed to deliver the highest energy generation from a limited roof top space and represent a significant improvement, generating up to nearly double the energy, over other commercially available solar panel technologies.

About MBK Tape Solutions
MBK Tape Solutions is a world leader in converting specialty adhesive tapes, foams, films, foil, cloth, paper, and other flexible materials. MBK stocks hundreds of materials used for bonding, attaching, sealing, masking, protecting, shielding, conducting, gasketing and more, and adds value by die-cutting, laminating, slitting, spooling and endless other services, making tape products easier and more economical to use. From design to final production, MBK’s experienced and knowledgeable team works to find solutions for innovative ideas and sticky applications. For more information, please see www.mbktape.com.

About Soliant Energy
Soliant Energy is the leading provider of concentrated solar energy systems for commercial rooftops. The company is dedicated to delivering the highest energy density at the most competitive price using its innovative solar products on a commercial rooftop. Soliant Energy has combined best-of-breed technology into a unique solar roof system that includes: a high-performance, high-efficiency concentrating optical system, patent-pending TipTilt Tracking™ and full compatibility with current best practices for installation. Soliant Energy solutions are designed for high-energy consuming customers and energy investors in dry, sunny locations around the world. Early partners and customers include: GE, SunEdison, Boeing, 3M, Chevron Energy, True Generation, Turiprojecto and others. For more information, please see www.soliantenergy.com.

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