MBK Tape Solutions Provides Medical Device Microfluidic Solutions

May 2016 – Microfluidics is defined as the design & building of microminiaturized devices with tiny channels for the containment and flow of fluids. With devices measured at the micrometer level and fluids measured in nanoliters and picoliters, microfluidics devices are used in medical screening & diagnostic devices used to analyze body fluids for medical purposes.

Patients and their caregivers rely on the precision, accuracy and ease of use of your point-of-care, diagnostic and other lab-on-chip devices. That’s why it’s critical that the materials used in their construction deliver consistently reliable performance, every time.

MBK Tape Solutions is an ISO certified manufacturer of die cut components and converted materials for use in various medical device applications. As a 3M Preferred Medical Converter, MBK is committed to providing quality custom solutions for the health care industry with microfluidics product design, material selection, assembly and packaging capabilities. MBK works with their clients from prototype design stage through to mass production.

Medical Adhesives & Materials
MBK has extensive experience working with medical adhesives & materials, including adhesive technology engineered for low build-up of residue in high volume die cutting operations, materials manufactured to exact thickness specifications and containing low levels of volatiles that ensure compatibility with your chemistry. Other advanced materials include bioassay-compatible tapes, hydrophilic films for fluid transport, porous membranes used for filtration, spacers, seals, electronic assembly tapes, connectors & films. MBK has the expertise and knowledge to help you develop your microfluidic solution — contact us today to take your medical device manufacturing project to the next step.

About MBK Tape Solutions
Established in 1971, MBK Tape Solutions designs and custom manufactures a wide range of adhesive tapes, foams, films and other flexible materials for component parts, assembly aids and end-user products for all industries, such as renewable energy, electronics, medical and wearable devices, aerospace, fenestration, to name a few. Its full range of services includes adhesive tape converting, die cutting, laminating, slitting, printing, product fulfilment and more. Utilizing the skills and expertise of an in-house staff, MBK Tape Solutions provides cost-effective engineered adhesive tape converting solutions and quality adhesive tapes & materials.

For more information; call 818-998-1477, email info@mbktape.com or visit www.mbktape.com

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