MBK Tape Solutions Sales Team on CES 2019

CES 2019 was a successful show for MBK Tape Solutions with great information, networking, client & prospect meetings, innovative products & technology players — read below for what our sales team had to say about their experiences at CES 2019.


Carlos Amesquita:

The show clearly illustrated how technology is starting to take a bigger part in electronics such as home devices, appliances, sports and wearable devices. This was an eye opening experience to fully grasp the position that MBK is in as we move forward. We have made the medical industry a bigger focus now. With so much technology being implemented into preventive care, surgical needs and post medical procedures, I came away with a clearer picture that this is only the beginning. I see that many manufactures have only just begun to finalize the design of the electronic device and will have needs for medical tape solutions to adhere these devices to the skin.
I will benefit from this experience as we move forward by keeping an open mind regarding the applications come our way and will be able to suggest more ideas and ask better questions – which will help us develop a better solutions for our clients. We have established strong partnerships with many medical manufacturers that will allow us to have access to a wide variety of options for our clients’ tape converting projects to arrive at a successful product solution.

Brandon Stevens:

The CES show in Las Vegas was a great eye opening, and somewhat surreal experience. With the focus being on technological advances being introduced into the market — it was incredible to see where the markets and the world are heading in the very near future, and in some cases, right now.

The first hall we explored was focused on wearables and health. It became evident right away that there is a necessity in the market for personal information regarding health. This need and want for health information is different than it has been in the past. People want the information, but they no longer want to have to obtain it from a health care professional. People want all the information at their finger tips and easily accessible at all times. With this need for health information and the fact that the information is becoming so readily available, I believe that people are also consciously making an effort to improve their health and the way that they go about getting healthy. It seems that people are also willing to spend more money in order to obtain the latest technology and devices to help accomplish their health and fitness goals. There were a lot of at-home health and exercise applications, machines and gadgets to help aid people to get healthier without having to leave their homes.

This advancement in technology and monitoring of the body, and people wanting to constantly be “in-the-loop” with their health status, while constantly wanting to improve their health is a good for MBK Tape – as we’re well seated in the wearable monitors space. I foresee a rise in the amount of sensors and applications that require the use of adhesives to adhere to the skin in order to monitor peoples vitals and daily activities. With that being said, I also noticed that there is still a need to educate some of these wearable device companies on the capabilities of adhesives and how they can be utilized and customized to each specific need and application. Many companies are still ignorant to the adhesive world, so they are trying to use clips, or make their device a wearable “watch” band, or Velcro strap when in fact an adhesive structure may be more suitable.

I think that education and information is one of the best ways for MBK to capitalize on the emerging wearable market space. It is vital for MBK to continue to get our name and capabilities out in front of people in order to educate them on our technologies and capabilities — so they can understand how custom tape solutions can be incorporated into their devices. Whether it’s walking these huge shows to learn about new technologies or displaying and mingling with people at the OC MEDTECH shows, every chance we have to spread the word, is a step in the right direction.

Fabian Gonzalez:

CES 2019 was an eye-opening experience — as we all know, technology is constantly changing and being able to see where it is going now gives us the opportunity to stay in front of it and maintain our lead in the industry.

Personally, I got to meet with clients and have a sit down and hear about the changes that are coming with their product line. My client was able to get instant feedback from the industry experts and was able to make adjustments during the show — as a result, they are now moving to a silicone “carrier”.
I will be setting up meetings soon to discuss the exact shape they will be using and working on getting test materials.

While walking the show floor, I noted that the wearable market all had the same concepts behind them — a device that extracts information that will then be uploaded into a cloud based platform. There seems to be a disconnect with the makers of these devices on exactly how to properly stick to skin — many are now going into a silicone “watch” type device; however, there is a segment of the market where stick to skin patches are needed.

Walking the show also gave us opportunities to reach out & introduce ourselves to people in the industry from all over the world. We also had the opportunity to meet a few new faces at some of our vendors who were also at the show.

The picture right is me at CES 2019 on the full size prototype of a Bell Helicopter for Uber transport.

For more information; feel free to reach out to any of us or call 818-998-1477, email info@mbktape.com or visit www.mbktape.com

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