New 3M Antimicrobial Protective Films for High-Touch Surfaces

Protective Film on the Door Handle

Protect High-Touch Surfaces from Chemical Damage with 3M Durable Films

3M has recently introduced two new Durable Protective Films, 7750AM and 7760AM, which provide lasting protection for surfaces in high-touch environments. With the innovative clear hardcoat layer treated with an EPA-registered silver ion antimicrobial agent built in, the film protects from growth of microbes, odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. This scratch, abrasion and chemical resistant hardcoat is specifically designed to stand up to repeated cleaning and to protect surfaces from damage.

This new 3M product consists of a 2 mil high clarity polyester film with an antimicrobial hardcoat, utilizing either a permanent adhesive (7750AM) or removable adhesive (7760AM), supported with a polyester liner. The 3M Adhesive 400 permanent /semi-permanent 400 adhesive offers good wet-out, clarity and is non-yellowing when exposed to UV light. 3M Adhesive R3500 is designed for use on glass, metal and plastic (including polystyrene) and offers excellent UV resistance, good initial tack, and long-term adhesion with clean removability. By offering a permanent and removable adhesive option, the Durable Protective Film is ideal for both short-term and long-term applications.

Application examples of 7750AM, containing a permanent / semi-permanent adhesive, include flat surfaces such as door handles, tabletops, counter tops, desk and chairs. 7760AM with the removable adhesive. can be used to retrofit existing equipment or furniture, such as displays, touch screens, or credit card readers in grocery stores, gas stations, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and casinos. Just think of all the places this film can protect you and your investment.

As a 3M Preferred Converter, MBK Tape Solutions has the converting capabilities to customize the protective film to any size or shape for your specific application. We want to help protect you and your customers, call today!

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MBK stocks jumbo rolls of adhesive tapes, films, foams and other flexible materials for the building and construction market. At our facility, we slit the rolls or sheets to standard and custom sizes according to the customers needs. To learn more about our converting capabilities, visit the MBK website or call to speak with a sales representative at 818-998-1477.

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