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Personal Care Adhesive Tapes

MBK Tape Solutions offers innovative custom adhesive tape solutions to the personal care industry, including beauty care, fashion, enhancement and hygiene consumer products. Whether you want to improve an existing product or develop a new custom adhesive fabricated product, we can help you. In addition to our large inventory of adhesive tapes, we specialize in medical grade adhesive tapes, films and foams that can stick to the skin. We offer die cutting, slitting, printing and laminating services that facilitate efficient processing, consistent quality and high productivity.

Below are examples of applications and common tapes and materials used in the Personal Care Industry.

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Fashion Tape
Snorless Sound Sleep Strips
Personal Care Wrinkle Repair
Consumer Lint Tape
Hydrocolloid Wrinkle Repair Patch
Adhesive Bra
Pasties Nipple Covers
Personal Care

Personal Care Tape Applications:

  • Adhesive Bras
  • Cosmetic Tapes & Adhesives
  • Dental Care Tapes
  • Dress Shields
  • Garment Tapes
  • Lint Tapes
  • Make-up Application Tapes
  • Nail Tape
  • Pasties
  • Toupee Tape

Medical Grade Tapes & Related Materials:

  • Anti-Fog Films
  • Anti-Microbial Tapes & Materials
  • Attachment Tapes
  • Diagnostic Tapes (Single and Double Coated)
  • Double Coated Medical Tapes
  • Extended Wear Double Coated Medical Tape
  • Foam Tapes
  • Hydrocolloid Adhesives
  • Hydrogel Adhesives
  • Hydrophilic Polyester Films
  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tapes
  • Incise Film Tapes
  • Island Placement
  • Medical Bioanalytical Tape
  • Medical Device Tapes
  • Medical Polyethylene Film Tapes
  • Medical Single Coated Foam Products
  • Medical Single Coated Non-Woven Products
  • Medical Single Coated Paper Tape
  • Medical Single Coated Woven Products
  • Medical Urethanes
  • Medical Vinyl
  • Microporous Tapes
  • Nonwoven & Woven Tapes
  • Release Liners
  • Skin Contact Tapes & Adhesives
  • Specialty Absorbent Adhesives
  • Specialty Die Cuts
  • Specialty Films
  • Specialty Laminations
  • Wound Care Tapes

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