Release Liners for Medical Applications

Adhesive backed materials (pressure sensitive adhesive or PSA) and release liners are critical components for many medical devices and wearable products. Release liners serve multiple roles, both in the manufacturing process of the device, as well as the user application of the device. Commonly, adhesive backed “PSA” in the medical field have a release liner that is comprised with a silicone coating on at least one side of the liner to support the pressure sensitive adhesive during processing and assist healthcare providers during application. Being in the PSA converting business for nearly 50 years, MBK Tape Solutions understands the importance of matching the right adhesive with the right release liner for the specific medical application.

The Role of the Release Liner in Designing a Medical Product
When designing a medical device/ product, conform-ability, transparency, length of wear and how the device will be applied to the end user are important factors to consider. MBK engineers have the expertise to tailor the medical grade PSA and release liner to perform optimally for the end user. The release liner protects the adhesive and supports it during slitting, die-cutting, laminating and other web processes. Folds, perforations, tabs and extended liners help healthcare providers and patients apply the products.

Often, medical devices that stick to the skin use differential adhesives and release liners. During the manufacturing of the device, an adhesive and liner are attached to the device side of the substrate and a different adhesive and liner are attached to the skin side. When it is time to adhere the device or patch to the skin, the skin side liner is then removed to expose a medical grade adhesive.
It is also important that an engineer consider the environment, clinician applied vs patient applied, in which the device is assembled in order to design the liner system properly. Manual assembly liner removal is much different than machine applied device assembly. MBK knows how to design a system that fits both models. At MBK we pride ourselves on knowing the medical device market so we can design robust liner systems to make applications easier and foolproof.

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