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MBK Provides Stay Safe Tape Product Solutions

June 24, 2020

Stay Safe Tape Product Solutions As businesses open and workers return to work, MBK Tape Solutions is committed to help keep employees and customers safe from the Coronavirus. We offer a variety of Stay Safe tape solutions from fully assembled PPE face shields to temporary mounting of signs, protecting floors, marking safe distances, sealing contaminated […]

MBK Supports the Deaf Community During Covid-19

June 24, 2020

MBK Supports the Deaf Community During Covid-19 MBK Tape Solutions employee and recent graduate of CSUN, Madison Camp, coordinated with the Deaf Studies Department to distribute MBK face shields to the Deaf Community in the Los Angeles area. Non-Manual Signs (NMS), such as facial expressions and eyebrow movements, are integral parts of communication within American […]

MBK Tape Solutions Renews ISO 9001:2015 Certification

May 24, 2020

MBK Tape Solutions is pleased to announce that we achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for the upcoming year, effective May 4, 2020-2021. By keeping the ISO certificate up to date, it shows that MBK is committed to quality management and continual improvement, while providing our customers with consistent quality products and exceptional customer support. ISO, the […]

What is the Shelf Life of Adhesive Tapes?

May 24, 2020

Many Factors Impact the Shelf Life of Adhesive Tapes During these uncertain times, you may be wondering if your adhesive tape inventory has gone beyond its shelf life. The shelf life is considered the period of time an adhesive remains usable after being manufactured and before the material is converted for a specific application. Typically, […]

MBK Celebrate’s Our College Graduates

May 24, 2020

Graduation Celebration at MBK MBK Tape Solutions is super proud of our three college graduates, Rosie, Madison and Yessenia, who have worked at MBK diligently while pursuing their higher education at CSUN, California State University Northridge. Keeping with safety protocols, MBK celebrated their accomplishments with cupcakes for those working at the facility and a team […]

MBK Manufactures PPE Face Shields to Fight COVID-19

April 24, 2020

MBK Manufactures PPE Face Shields and Component Parts to Fight COVID-19 MBK Tape Solutions is not only manufacturing medical device component parts for our customers, but also producing PPE Face Shields and component parts to help protect against the Coronavirus. We initially designed and tested these face shields for our employee’s protection, and we are […]

MBK Supports Front-line Workers with Face Shields

April 24, 2020

MBK Supplies Face Shields & Component Parts to Customers MBK Tape Solutions is proud to be able to help support our customers and front-line workers in these unprecedented times by supplying foam adhesive tape for the use in manufactured face shields to help stop the spread of Covid-19. The Face shields are being used by […]

MBK Stays Open During Pandemic

March 24, 2020

MBK Tape Solutions Stays Open During COVID-19 Pandemic In these challenging times, MBK Tape Solutions has stepped up measures to safeguard our employees, while simultaneously ensuring that our services and products continue to be delivered to our customers, in particular, our partners in the healthcare and infrastructure industries. The majority of our component parts that […]

How to Prepare Your Workforce for the Coronavirus

March 24, 2020

How to Prepare Your Workforce for the Coronavirus From the start of this pandemic, one thing you can be sure of, is that every day will bring new challenges. While keeping tape orders rolling off the presses for the medical and infrastructure industries, we also need to keep our employees safe from Covid-19. We have […]

Welcome Gevorg Manukyan to the MBK Tape Team

February 24, 2020

Welcome Gevorg Manukyan to the MBK Team MBK Tape Solutions recently hired Gevorg Manukyan, a master in Rotary Die Manufacturing and tool design, to join their production and quality team. Gevorg worked for Die Craft for 15 years and has completed numerous certificate programs: 720 hours in Advanced Machine Training, Mastercam, Flexography Printing, Electronic Prepress, […]

Discover tesa ACXplus High Performance Bonding Tapes

January 24, 2020

No more screws and rivets – Discover tesa ACXplus High Performance Bonding Tapes Tesa® ACXplus Bonding Acrylic Foam Tape series outperforms traditional fastening methods and is characterized by its strong bonding power. Due to the viscoelasticity behavior, the acrylic adhesive system bonds dissimilar materials and the foam thickness adjusts to rough and uneven surfaces. The […]

MBK Reorganization

December 24, 2019

MBK Organization Changes Reflecting on this past year, we’ve made lots of changes to the MBK organization. We reorganized departments, moved personnel, hired machine operators, packagers and several other employees. Many thanks to our managers, supervisors and human resource personnel who worked in overdrive to implement all the changes. Employee changes include: The production team […]

Ofri AngelEini Joins the MBK Tape Team

December 24, 2019

MBK Hires Ofri AngelEini MBK is pleased to announce the hiring of Ofri AngelEini. With his background in management and engineering, Ofri will assist in the quality, sales and engineering departments at MBK. Originally, Ofri came from Israel, where he served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) for 3 years as a Sergeant in the […]