Product Development and Manufacturing Process

two MBK engineers are collaborating on a product design and working on the computerFor over 50 years, MBK Tape Solutions has custom-designed and manufactured adhesive tapes for component parts, assembly aids, and end-user products for almost every industry. Our experienced team of tape specialists will help create new products, improve an existing product, and/or help reduce waste and material costs. Being a job shop in California with access to Boyd Corporation’s suppliers and services around the world, we are able to quickly adapt and scale up, accommodating OEM, start-ups, and large-scale companies.

Converting your concept into a usable product that solves a specific problem is what we do best!  Our team will find suitable materials, design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver a reliable product that ultimately saves you time and money.


MBK Order & Production Process Guidelines

Production Process Guidelines

This video provides a brief guideline of the MBK order and production process so that you will know what to expect and who to talk to.

MBK Manufacturing Process

From concept to production to delivery, we will work with you every step of the way. The guideline below lists the design and manufacturing process, plus the many options available. If we are not able to provide a service, then we will help manage the logistics offering you a seamless process. We are committed to quality products and providing our customers with the best possible experience.





  • Concept

    Identify the Tape Need or Challenge

    Whether you have an idea for a new tape product, want to improve or modify an existing product or want to reduce waste and material costs, MBK can help. To meet your requirements and design the most innovative and cost-efficient product, please provide the MBK Tape Specialists a description of the application including the following information.

    Surface Types & Conditions

    • Metal – Painted or Polished
    • Plastics – Low or High Surface Energy
    • Foam or Rubber
    • Paper or Corrugated
    • Surface Texture – Smooth or Rough
    • Surface Contour
    • Coated or Uncoated
    • Cleanliness

    Special Performance Requirements

    • Permanent
    • Temporary
    • Removability
    • Peel Strength
    • Shear Strength

    Environmental Factors

    • Temperature Exposure
    • Sunlight / UV Exposure
    • Chemicals / Solvents
    • Moisture

    Quantity and Estimated Annual Usage

    • Order Quantity
    • Estimated Annual Usage

    Project Timeline

    • Prototype
    • Completion of Total Project
  • Product Design

    Product Design & Testing

    MBK Tape Specialists will work with your engineers and designers to provide you with the right materials and adhesives for your ultimate product design.

    • Samples available upon request – usually shipped 1-2 days.
    • Assist with customer prints and drawings – allow 1-2 days.
    • Work with CAD files, DWG & DXF formats, to assist in the creation or modification of a design.
    • Digital microscopy is available for tracing and measuring parts and creating detailed annotated photos.
    • Prototypes can be produced and tested.
    • Order minimums may apply.
    • Special order materials vary by manufacturer.
  • Production

    Custom Manufacturing Services

    MBK will determine the converting technology best suited for the material and the desired results. Converting services include rotary and flatbed die cutting, multi-layer laminating, island placement, adhesive free zone, printing, slitting, rewinding, spooling, and sheeting.

    Clean Room Manufacturing available.

    • Clean room material processing
    • Clean room packaging
    • Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8)

    Lead Times are the quickest in the industry.

    • Depending on materials availability and production schedules, lead times vary.
    • Need the product yesterday! We will try to accommodate you and rush it through the process.
  • Delivery

    Packaged & Delivered

    MBK will package and deliver your product to meet your specific requirements. For your convenience, we offer packaging & delivery options for our customers and the end-user.

    • Ship in one large lot or in small releases per your request.
    • Dropship to your customers to keep freight costs down.
    • Dropship under your label to maintain privacy.
      Freight Terms – FOB Chatsworth


    Inventory Management

    MBK offers you added flexibility on delivery schedules. Our customers can set up scheduled releases of products throughout the year.

    • Provide vendor-managed inventory systems.
    • Ensures product availability at the lowest cost to customers.
    • Just In Time delivery.


    Turnkey Product Fulfillment

    MBK offers customized product fulfillment programs that will deliver your product directly to the end-user.

    • Give us your material specifications.
    • Give us your packaging specifications.
    • Give us your customer requirements.
    • MBK will put it all together in one neat, delivered package.

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