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Learn more about MBK Tape Solutions and their partner's tape products, applications and the production process by viewing on-line videos.


MBK Tape Solutions - Overview of Services

MBK Tape Solutions is a 3M Preferred Converter of adhesive-backed products and flexible materials, working with a diverse list of businesses as well as the medical community to create innovative cost-effective solutions for industrial improvements, personal care products and high-tech medical devices.

3M Converter Partner Video - Why Use a Tape Converter?

As 3M's converter partner, MBK helps provide cost effective tape solutions for almost all industries. By cutting and laminating, the tape product can become more durable, lighter, thinner or aesthetically more pleasing. Slitting rolls and adding finger tabs provides ease of assembly and cuts waste and cost. Working together, MBK and 3M will find the best tape product to meet your requirements.

MBK Tape Solutions Customer - Testimonials - 3M

Similar to their employees' tenure, MBK Tape Solutions has created client relationships that span nearly two decades.Through a mix of flexibility, expertise and in-house prototype capabilities, MBK has become the converter of choice for businesses such as FluxErgy, Career Technologies, and EMI Innovations, Inc.

MBK Tape Solutions - 3M Testimonial

Since 1976, MBK Tape Solutions has taken full advantage of opportunities the 3M Preferred Converter Program provides for business growth. Check out what CEO Jeff Kaminski and VP Jason Zajac have to say about their access to market development funds, growth rebates and personnel training resources. "Without 3M, MBK wouldn't be where we're at today," says Zajac, "Their quality, their service and their support have been invaluable to our growth."

MBK Tape Solutions Adds Value to Tesa #4965 Double Coated Polyester Tape

Together, Tesa Tape and MBK offers cost effective solutions and quality adhesive tapes used for industrial applications. In this video, Tesa Tape supplies #4965 Double Coated Polyester Tape and MBK provides converting services to meet the application requirements for industries, such as displays, automotive, furniture and VR headset boxes.

Why Work for MBK Tape Solutions?

MBK Tape Solutions works hard to provide a family atmosphere for their employees, starting with events such as employee BBQs and including an environment that encourages personal growth.  MBK employees have an average tenure of 15 years, with many working on their second or third decades. This level of expertise is apparent in every product MBK ships out the door, and in the satisfied smiles of their loyal clientele.


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