The New Rotary Press “The Great Wazoo” Has Arrived

Our New Rotary Press Arrives at MBK

In late July, 2019, MBK’s new state-of-the-art 10 Station Rotary Press arrived at the Los Angeles dock. After a week at port going through inspection, the machine was delivered to our facility in Chatsworth, CA. Our excitement mounted watching this 10′ x 20′ machine being unloaded from the truck, routed through the warehouse and set up in our ISO 8 clean room. As promised, Sysco’s team was with us every step of the way.

Sysco provided 5 days of training on the machine for our lead operators, Joser and Jesus, at their North Carolina facility. The Sysco team of engineers arrived on-site to set up the press and stayed for 2 weeks to train our operators. The training included using dies and materials that were jobs designated for this new rotary press, which helped get the jobs rolling off the press. Sysco, thank you for providing outstanding service.

We are super excited about our new 10 station, 10′ rotary die press. The Sysco 10″ Converting Machine offers new technology and capabilities. Being driven by software, tensioning systems and CCD cameras, the die and unwind/rewind stations are servo controlled and movable. It registers multiple die sizes, offset dies and island placement. What this all means for our customers, is that this machine offers superior repeatability and tighter tolerances down to a fraction of a millimeter.

Whether you need simple die cuts or complex component parts, we are ready for your project! Contact MBK by calling 818-998-1477 or email,

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