Tips to Finding a Qualified Medical Tape Converter

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Looking to manufacture a new or improved medical product? Be sure to partner with a reliable tape converter who has the industry knowledge, experience, certifications, and equipment to manufacture the product. Working with a top-notch converter who has relationships with high-quality suppliers allows engineers to manufacture a product that is best suited for the end-user application and requirements.

Experienced Converters

With time, grows expertise. This is also true for converting companies. The longer a converter is in business, the more they understand the converting process, the materials available based upon longstanding relationships with their material suppliers, how these materials interact with each other in the production process, and the end user’s application. Experienced converters help design scalable and economical solutions that fit into the converting process.

Knowledgeable Personnel

It is important to have educated and experienced engineers to offer innovative solutions, and design to manufacturing, from prototype to large-scale production. Having a quality engineer on board helps identify solutions with product design and anticipate problems before they impact project timelines, in turn helping with overall cost and increase speed to market.

To meet the specifications of medical device components, ideal converters offer a selection of converting processes utilizing state-of-the-art converting equipment. Also, a must is to have well-trained machinists to produce quality products.

Material Supply Partners

Converters should work with suppliers who have the expertise and clinical experience in medical-grade adhesives. The best suppliers are those who are not limited to stock products, can change adhesive configuration quickly and cost-effectively, and can meet the medical industry’s varying regulatory standards – following strict process guidelines such as current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for stick to skin and direct food contact adhesives.

Relationships with Assembly & Packaging Suppliers

Selecting suppliers who meet device assembly needs and can partner with one another can prove extremely beneficial. In medical device assembly, these important partnerships specifically include application equipment, adhesives suppliers and designers, as well as packaging suppliers. Design and packaging are on opposite ends of the medical device assembly spectrum, but when considered together, they can enhance problem-solving abilities, increase speed-to-market, and smooth the product development process.

Trusted Partnership

In highly regulated industries—you need a partner you can trust. Your converter should be certified with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and FDA compliant as well as be certified for ISO 8 cleanroom manufacturing and packaging.

Partnering with reputable, trusted partners have many advantages.

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Avoid added expense through over-engineering
  • Enhance product resources and capabilities
  • Provide quality assurance by cultivating and demonstrating thorough manufacturing process controls
  • Strong customer service keeps project timelines on track and helps solves issues
  • Reducing overall costs and improving final product design

Don’t Wait – Contact A Converter for your Medical Device Project

When looking for a tape converter that can meet your needs, it’s important to go to a reputable converter that has the experience and verified certifications. With over 50 years in the converting industry and recognized as a 3M Platinum Preferred Medical Converter, MBK Tape Solutions is uniquely qualified to help you choose the right adhesives and substrates, provide innovative solutions, design scalable manufacturing processes, and navigate your way to market with confidence. Learn more at the MBK website, email or call 818-998-1477 and speak with a sales engineer, today.

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