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Avery Dennison Medical (previously Vancive Medical Technologies), a global materials science and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials for the healthcare industry, recognized MBK Tape Solutions as a strong and proficient business partner.

Benefits: As an Avery Dennison Medical partner, MBK has access to the highest level of medical products and services. Together we provide fully integrated capabilities and a portfolio of customized adhesive solutions, to take your ideas from concept to delivery.  Call MBK for all your tape converting needs.

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Avery Dennison Medical (Vancive) Products

Avery Dennison Medical offers a large portfolio of adhesive-coated materials for medical applications.  MBK stocks a variety of their products, including single-coated, double-coated, self-wound, drape and transfer tapes for a variety of medical applications including wearables, diagnostics, patient monitoring, surgical, ostomy and wound care.  MBK's team of experienced application engineers and manufacturing specialists are ready to help with material selection,  product design, prototyping and custom manufacturing.  If you do not see an item listed in the MBK catalog, please do not hesitate to inquire.

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Featured Avery Dennison Medical (Vancive) Products

Vancive® MED 5718P - single-coated, white stretchable, polyester non-woven

Vancive™ MED 5718P - Vancive® MED 5718P is a single-coated, white stretchable, polyester non-woven with a porous acrylic adhesive, supplied on a white single-coated kraft paper release liner. This product's unique construction creates a high MVTR, allowing air and moisture to pass freely through the breathable adhesive and non-woven carrier, which can support extended wear and reduce the likelihood of skin maceration in some applications. The product's stretchable non-woven is also ideal for adhering to highly contoured areas of the body.

Vancive® MED 5750A - single-coated, white polyethylene non-woven

Vancive™ MED 5750A - Vancive® MED 5750A is a single-coated, white polyethylene non-woven with a medical grade acrylic adhesive, supplied on a white super-calendered glassine paper liner. This soft conformable product was designed for long-term wear applications.

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