What is Tape Converting?

Tape Converting uses various processes to transform jumbo rolls and sheets of adhesive tapes and flexible materials into usable component parts for almost all industries.

In the Tape Converting Industry, tape is often referred to as adhesive tape, not to be confused with recording tape. Tape converters not only work with pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes but also other flexible materials such as films, foams, soft metals, non-woven fabrics, tissue paper, rubbers, and silicone, just to name a few.

Converted Tape Products & Applications

A tape converter purchases master rolls or sheets of materials from manufacturers and converts these materials into a usable product. The converted product can be used for many purposes in almost all industries, such as protecting touch screens, mounting circuit boards, sealing solar panels, glazing windows, insulating lithium batteries, cooling LED lights, attaching medical devices to the skin, or meeting safety regulations for food contact applications. Whether the converted product is used as an assembly aid, a component part or a finished end-product, the objective of the converting process is to improve performance and efficiency while reducing product costs.

Converting Services

Converting tapes and flexible materials requires special machinery and distinctive know-how. Rotary presses, lathe slitters, and other converting equipment are used to process these jumbo rolls of materials into custom sizes, shapes, or configurations. Sometimes a simple slit of a single material is needed, but more often, a die-cut shape or a multi-layered material is required to create a unique finished product.

MBK offers a wide range of converting and fabricating services, including:

  • Multi-layer laminating
  • Rotary and flat-bed die-cutting simple shapes to complex component parts
  • Slitting rolls of tape into custom widths and length
  • Rewinding materials to a specific length on different core diameters
  • Sheeting used for cutting rectangular sizes
  • Spooling long lengths of materials
  • Flexographic and digital printing messages on all types of substrates
  • Island placement and registration
  • Prototyping
  • ISO 8 cleanroom manufacturing and packaging

Our machine operators are knowledgeable and experienced and understand that each material handles differently, tolerances vary on machines, and how to work efficiently while minimizing waste. As a job shop, we are flexible and able to accommodate OEM, start-ups, and large-scale companies. No matter the volume or complexity, we produce customized products that meet our customer’s needs.

Tape & Flexible Material Suppliers

MBK has established long-standing partnerships with tape manufacturers across the globe. This relationship with our suppliers helps lower material costs, reduces waste, saves processing time, and enhances the value of your product. As a proud 3M Premier Preferred Converter, we are the first to learn of best-in-class new products and applications as they roll out, hold a competitive edge on pricing and lead times, directly benefiting our customers and end-users.

MBK Provides Tape Solutions

Since 1971, the MBK team has the experience, expertise, and converting capabilities to offer tailored solutions for your application. Our engineers ask pertinent questions and collaborate with you and our vendors to find the best material for your application. Partnered with the production team, we develop a custom converting process that is efficient and reduces waste.

MBK can make your application vision a reality. More than just tape, we provide innovative adhesive solutions that stick! Learn more at www.mbktape.com or contact us at 818-998-1477 or info@mbktape.com.

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